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MULTICOLOR SLATESTONE Multicolor slate is basically a greenish gray colored slate with golden & rust colored marks. Multicolor slate is universally adored and appreciated due to its color and price. Multicolor slate stone is known for its excellent soft texture and cloudy surface that is displays upon honing. Multicolor slate tends to cleave very cleanly when it is split which renders a very smooth surface. Its color variation consists of grays, tans, and deep rusts and ochre's, but in a very specific way.
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MULTI PINK SLATESTONE Multi Pink slate also popularly called as Kashmir Multicolor slate is primarily a light Gray slate with subtle pink swirls / wave that swoosh across its surface. It also occasionally has 'sun spots', round areas of red or yellow pigment that are part of its natural variation. Multi Pink Slate is a range of slate, which is analogous to Pure Pink and the lone difference is the mixture of grey and pink colors on the context.
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CHOCOLATE SLATESTONE Chocolate Slate is obtained in a fine blend of brownish & reddish hues. Chocolate Slates are used for exterior cladding and is available in natural, Sandblasted & polished / antique surface finishes. It brings that rich texture to the surface that it brings freshness to any surroundings. It provides excellent contrast to the light colored cabinets and wooden interiors. It is therefore becoming the preferred choice of the interior designers and architects all over. Chocolate Slate is stunning in appearance yet very practical. Chocolate Slate tile / slabs can be used in any number of different ways in the interiors & landscape environment Whether you're building a new home or remodeling, natural stone offers you unparalleled beauty, permanence, and uniqueness-and adds true value to your home. Because stone is a natural, not manufactured, product, no two pieces are exactly alike, which means each finished countertop, wall, floor, mantle, or sill is distinctive.
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INDIAN AUTUMN SLATESTONE Indian Autumn Slate also called as Autumn Mist or simply Autumn Slate stone is beautiful buff beige colored slate characterized by bright orange and red dot-like patterns on the light background. Indian Autumn slate is primarily in beige and sand colors but can be accented with charcoal clouds, spots of gold, and hints of rose. One of our most popular colors all over the world, we typically stock it in large quantities. Indian Autumn slate with its excellent durability & character can infuse life into any lifeless surroundings.
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BLACK RUSTIC SLATE STONE Black Rustic Slate is a blend of black with light grey having rust colors on the surface. Black Rustic Slate creates a rustic feel in your home with Black Rustic Slate Floor Tiles. The stone is rather dense and suited for use in front entrance ways and kitchens. Black Rustic slate tiles / slabs are ideal for creating a contemporary look with a unique finish. Black Rustic slate tiles have durable properties & characteristic colors which give a real rustic feel while still being extremely hard-wearing.