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Colombo Juperana, Colombo Juperana Granite, Colombo Juperana Granite Slab, Colombo Juprana countertop, Colombo Juprana Granite tile, Technical Specification Colombo Juprana Granite Colombo Juparana Colombo Juperana Granite has Bluish Gray wavy pattern flowing out of Ivorish brown base. It is available in both as finished and rough form. This tile is used very much nowadays. This tile is has many properties which make it different from other varieties. It is much harder than any other stone and it has low weathering rate so it can be used easily in external applications.
Ivory Brown Granite, Ivory Brown Granite Tile, Ivory Brown Granite Slab, Ivory Brown Granite Countertop At ANSI India, we are pleased to offer you reliable Ivory Brown Granite tile, Ivory Brown granite slabs, cut to size, mosaics, Premium Ivory Brown Granite countertops in a range of sizes & specifications. Ivory Brown Granite is one of the most admirable and popular granite used for many purpose. It has a red background with black and grey speckles present on it. Due to its richness in color it is hugely appreciated in the construction world. The applications of Ivory Brown granite slabs are really excellent and amazing.
Panther Sandstone is a beautiful and versatile product that adds a feeling of warmth and timeless elegance to compliment or feature any design. Hand selected for texture and color, each tile creates an exceptional surface. With a finished look of a solid stone wall, the versatile arrangement options additionally offer endless potential to design incredible installations. The natural highlights of Panther Sandstone tiles produces amazing effect that changes subtly with both natural and artificial lighting. Panther Sandstone tiles are specifically chosen for their rich color, surface texture and durability. With either a honed or a natural face surface, this range will make a truly individual design statement in any living space.
Green NH Marble tile & marble slab Forest Green is a beautiful green colored marble stone. Forest green marble stone is receiving an abundant demand in the domain of home décor. These days when the ambience reflects the mental stature of a person, stone décor is gaining an all time high prominence and preference. The beautiful Indian marble stone comes in green shade with embedded dense green clouds and brown streaks and striations. The fine smooth glow and touch of the stone generate an élan that is just indescribable. Like any other marble stone, Forest green marble stone is a marble stone too. Marble stones belong to the family of metamorphic rocks. The marble stone consists of recrystallized calcium carbonate minerals, calcite and dolomite even more specifically. The word 'marble' itself means that it is a stone that shines and gleams. Marble has been extensively used as a building, construction stone since ages immemorial. The stone has gained a prominence as the most preferred stone for interior and exterior décor. Marble results owing to the metamorphism of sedimentary rocks such as limestone. The beautiful marble stone that forms has an interlocking mosaic of calcium carbonate crystals.
Modak Modak Sandstone as it is popularly called is a stunning mix of pink, rose, honey and terracotta colors. A popular stone as it has a natural appearance which will blend harmoniously with any environment. Modak Sandstone provides striking blend of colors with a pale backdrop and distinctive pink veining. Shades within Modak Sandstone include rusty oranges, pinks and even pale yellows, blending together to produce a very individual finish. Modak Sandstone tiles are specifically chosen for their rich color, surface texture and durability. With either a honed or a natural face surface, this range will make a truly individual design statement in any living space. They can be used to create a dramatic effect in a number of situations - whether as a feature wall, or as the main floor of a living room. Due to the individual characteristics of hand quarried natural stone, each piece has its own unique look and may vary in color, texture and thickness from other pieces of the same type of stone. Modak sandstone slabs are ideal for patio paving and garden paving. They are calibrated to a consistent thickness for easy laying.