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Wall Cladding | Rustic Kobaishi Walling | Walling Stones | Stone Veneer | Exterior Walling About Rustic Kobaishi Walling ANSI India presents a unique touch to your interior space with our design inspiring range of stone wall cladding Rustic Kobaishi Walling. It can be used both inside & out to create unique feature walls. These Rustic Kobaishi Walls strips create feature walls and focal points throughout your interior. A firm favourite with architects and designers looking to make a bold design statement in your home or business. Supplied in modular wall panels which are both quick and cost effective to install. Available in a range of stones to compliment your walling requirements of tiles and paving. Rustic Kobaishi Walling will create a focal point with the wow factor
Leading cobble stone supplier in India A cobble stone is smaller than a boulder and larger than a pebble. Cobbles are fireproof, need little maintenance and no paint . The range of color and sizes suggest that they can be laid in variety of patterns as desired. To get a driveway that perfect contrast in the backdrop of your home you can mix different colors and hence blend your driveway in contrast to your home. The warm red, brown, chocolate and other colors of cobbles lend a rustic charm to patio, paths and driveway borders. Cobbles mix beautifully with other paving types and hence lend a option to a variety of designs.
About Step Style Stone Planking Step Style Stone Planking paving has been produced in a variety of colors and textures to provide a sleek and sophisticated paving range. Step Style Stone Planking paving has a varying set width of 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm and the lengths will range from 300mm up to 1200mm. The long slender lines of Plank Paving will create a lengthening or widening effect to the area of use. This attractive style can be used both internally and externally. Use Plank paving on it's own or complement it with our other range of products.Step Style Stone Planking provide the perfect finishing touch to any garden or landscape area. Meticulously cut from durable granite, slate, sandstone and limestone these accessories are perfect for use wherever there is a change of level. Held in stock in a variety of colors and finishes, all of our steps are slip resistant and allow for quick and easy installation.
Marble Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed by Marble when subjected to high temperatures and pressures over thousands of years, resulting in a stone capable of taking a high glossy polish. This ageless material is the basis of architectural wonders, artistic masterpieces and beautiful enduring living spaces. Marble is made of more than 90% calcite (calcium carbonate). But it's the remaining percentage of "impurities" that grant the many different varieties their peculiar colors and characteristics. Marble can be translucent, white, brown, red, green, black and grey. It can have a uniform color and texture or have spots, swirls or veins. Although common to cultures and techniques all around the world, marble must be found and extracted from nature. Sometimes marble is hidden in irregular agglomerations encrusted into the mountainside in uneven deposits or elusive veins. And occasionally marble forms the heart of Entire Mountain.
Granite flooring in bangalore Natural Stones in Delhi ANSI India is pleased to bring to you our range of Granite tiles that provides superior strength and versatility to your flooring and wall projects. ANSI India offers consistent colors thus making it suitable for any contemporary interior spaces.
Tumbled pavings in Delhi India Tumbled paving creates a unique appeal to the home / garden with its timeless warmth and beauty. Tumbled pavers reflect the design hues of age old pavers, each piece having irregular edges, worn out surfaces complement that unique reproduction of the surface as if the same had been used for several years. This unique finish is created by taking regular paving and putting into a tumbling machine which vibrates the stones and makes the paving stones look older than they are by giving them a worn out look. The surfaces and corners of the stones are rounded and smoothed as the machine vibrates which is what results in the instant vintage feel of tumbled paving. Tumbled paving is ideal for traditional or rustic designs.
Kashmir Gold The vibrant colors of Kashmir gold granite from light gold, yellow and light brown will brighten and glorify any design. Kashmir Gold Granite is one of the most popular color. Kashmir Gold Granite is available in gold color with brown spots spread all over. This beautiful granite also has its warm shades of orange, gold and yellow color that its own movement would simply look like an art work. Variation of Indian Kashmir gold granite is low.
Wall Cladding | Dry Walling Stone | Walling Stones | Stone Veneer | Exterior Walling About Dry Walling Stone Dry stone walling are unique to Indian and global architecture as they have been constructed since time immemorial as old castles have been built with rocks and stones that gave its antique look and were durable and strong enough to pass the centuries old wear & tear. It involves interlocking the stones, ensuring that it is done in such a way that the wall holds itself up without additional assistance. Dry stone walls are generally built with interlocking pieces of rocks that best fit the shape without the use of any mortar or cementing material. The rocks best hold each other owing to their natural roughness and irregular surfaces. It can add more beauty to your exteriors if laid with natural stones of varying colors and textures and it also acts like a natural fencing around your habitat incurring the wear and tear by nature.
Landscape block steps | block steps landscaping | landscaping with block steps | block steps for landscaping | landscape stepping stones | landscaping stepping stones | garden stepping stones | Sandstone Block Step | Granite Block Step | Limestone Block Step Stone block steps are a beautiful addition for providing easier access between varying levels of ground as it covers dirt & prevent erosion. Stone block steps come in a variety of shapes and colors. You can create intriguing patterns and effects using them in various curved, straight lined options. A stone block step staircase can be designed to draw the eye to a particular point in the yard, such as terrace garden or water feature. Block ends can be exposed, or they can be hidden by overhanging border flowers, softening the formality of the straight lines and rough surfaces.