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Granite Countertops | Granite Countertop | kitchen countertops | Vanity tops | Marble Countertops | Granite Benchtops | Marble Benchtops | marble kitchen countertops | Kitchen granite countertop Countertop ANSI India offers you a range of countertops made in Granite, Marble, Slates, Sandstones, Limestones, Mosiacs and so on to give you the look that you desire & the durability that you deserve. Natural stones are an ideal countertop surface with a multitude of one-of-a-kind color choices and the durability to withstand everyday use. Natural, Durable & Beautiful. Granite is one of the most durable natural stone surfaces, perfect for the kitchen or bath. Every piece of granite has its own unique pattern, making each surface one-of-a-kind. Granite countertops provide uncompromising beauty and elegance, and are naturally durable and easy to clean. Natural granite is a material with naturally occurring variations in color, tone, granularity and pattern; no two stones are exactly alike.
Natural Stone Suppliers in Delhi Natural Stone Suppliers in Noida Natural Stone Suppliers in Gurgaon Marble is a type of metamorphic rock formed by Marble when subjected to high temperatures and pressures over thousands of years, resulting in a stone capable of taking a high glossy polish. This ageless material is the basis of architectural wonders, artistic masterpieces and beautiful enduring living spaces.
Black Galaxy Granite, Star Galaxy Granite, Star Galaxy countertop, Black Galaxy Granite countertop, Black Galaxy Granite Slab, Star Galaxy Granite Slab, Black Galaxy Granite tile Black Galaxy Granite also known as Star Galaxy Granite is naturally endowed with all the properties of granite stone that are essential for the layouts like durability, scratch free, moisture resistant and Low maintenance. Black Galaxy is dark colored granite with golden specks and appears as Night sky glittering with Golden Stars all over the surface because of which it is not only used for residential purposes but for commercial projects as well.
Ivory Brown Granite, Ivory Brown Granite Tile, Ivory Brown Granite Slab, Ivory Brown Granite Countertop At ANSI India, we are pleased to offer you reliable Ivory Brown Granite tile, Ivory Brown granite slabs, cut to size, mosaics, Premium Ivory Brown Granite countertops in a range of sizes & specifications. Ivory Brown Granite is one of the most admirable and popular granite used for many purpose. It has a red background with black and grey speckles present on it. Due to its richness in color it is hugely appreciated in the construction world. The applications of Ivory Brown granite slabs are really excellent and amazing.
edge profiles | edge profile | marble edge profile | marble edge profiles | solid surface edge profiles | Laminated edge | Profiles | Granite edge profile | Granite Edge | Edge profile granite | granite edge types Your choice of an edge is no small detail. There is no substitute for the dramatic effects that can be achieved by adding natural stone special edge pieces to your home. ANSI India enhances the natural beauty of your stone countertops by offering a wide range of custom edge profiles on all of our stone countertops.