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Kashmir Gold The vibrant colors of Kashmir gold granite from light gold, yellow and light brown will brighten and glorify any design. Kashmir Gold Granite is one of the most popular color. Kashmir Gold Granite is available in gold color with brown spots spread all over. This beautiful granite also has its warm shades of orange, gold and yellow color that its own movement would simply look like an art work. Variation of Indian Kashmir gold granite is low.
About Wave Style Stone Planking Combine the natural tones and highlights of the Wave Style Stone Planking with a zig-zag-type relief and you have the Wave Mosaic Tile. These tiles are thin at one edge and vary towards the other edge, this varying relief pattern creates stunning effect to your interiors as it gives a feeling of a wave travelling. The Wave Style Stone Planking uses a wedge-shaped tile to create a unique wave effect, adding another dimension to the way in which the light catches and enhances the colour and texture variations of the natural stone. Use Wave Mosaic Tiles to create a feature wall or an entrance that defines your home, commercial or hotel foyer or retail showroom. These tiles are also ideal for water features - you won't need much more than water spilling gently over a Wave Style Stone Planking wall to create something spectacular.
Peacock Multicolor Peacock Multicolor or Rajah Multicolor slate or Kund Multicolor is a slate that is unique in its coloring to the vibrant colors of Peacock feathers. Peacock Multicolor OR Rajah Multicolor slate is a slate with a purple/grey base color with varying amounts of red, black, orange, or green oxidation on its surface. The Peacock color is a symbol of integrity and purity and is associated with the Hindu deity Lakshmi representing benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion and good luck. Peacock Multicolor or Rajah Multicolor Slate, Honed tile shows a more sub-dued color palette than natural Rajah tile. It has less color variation and will typically be varying shades dark-grey/purple, some with red clouding; or an army green. This is a medium-density slate and, while it is not suitable for exterior applications medium to heavy traffic applications however, it excels in any interior application & low traffic exterior applications.
Black Sandstone Delhi Sagar Black Sandstone or Ebony Black Sandstone or simply Black Sandstone as is popularly called is the perfect choice displaying a dark grey background that is beautifully enhanced with subtle yellow shading. Black Sandstone, Its physical and chemical properties make it a preferred option for all type of construction activities. Available in attractive shades, this stone is considered ideal for wall cladding, flooring, garden furniture, handicraft etc.
Sandstone pavings About Sandstone Flooring At ANSI India, we feel that Sandstone flooring is a fantastic option in any setting: it looks great, it's affordable, it will stand the test of time and it's easy to maintain. We offer a huge range of flooring materials like the elegant natural, honed, Sandblasted, Shotblasted, brushed Antique & other finishes. Sandstone colours range from pale cream and beige tones to dark brown & greys, ensuring there will be sandstone tiles which shall suit your design and tastes. Sandstone floors are popular because they offer character and give a vow feeling to any interior or exterior application. The use of Sandstone flooring has a number of benefits over other forms of tiling, both for inside and outdoor applications. Aside from the natural, elegant look, our products offer thermal benefits, providing much more warmth. We are proud of our huge range of styles and colours, ensuring that we have the right stone flooring for you.? Sandstone floors have excellent slip resistance features that make them a safe surface for kids around a pool. We know that this is often a concern of architects working on residential projects.