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Silver Grey Slate Silver Gray Slate also called as Platinum is one of dense quartzite slates. It's extremely hard and very much suited for outdoor use. The pure pristine silver shine of the stone would give the surroundings a lighter hearted and optimistic. Due to its excellent texture & durability it has been used in bathrooms, showers and other delicate applications Silver Gray slate tiles bring in a touch of individuality to your floor / wall and innovative landscaping feature & thus imparting personalized accents to any Home or garden. Honed / polished Silver Gray slate displays excellent patterns & layers of mica and quartz on the surface. This stone can be used in any application. Even though it is honed / polished it does not become slippery when wet making it an excellent choice in the bathroom.
Sandstone Sandstone is a coarse-grained sedimentary rock formed by the consolidation and compaction of sand and held together by a natural cement, such as silica, iron, lime etc. An extremely hard and tough material, it consists of consolidated masses of sand deposited by moving water or by wind & thus having different level of Porosity, hardness & compressive strength. Largely the cementing material often determines the color of the rock, iron oxides causing reddish-brown or red sandstone, and the other materials producing white, yellowish, or grayish, Orange and even purple & greenish colors. The bright and contrasting colors in sandstones are the attributes of Iron oxides, manganese oxides and other impurities present in it. If you want to give a retro look to your kitchens, offices, homes or any other interior/exterior you can surely go for sandstone. The Indian sandstone tile gives a castle like environment around or something like the woods which would trigger your nostalgia.
Lalitpur Gray Sawn Sandblasted Sandstone Lalitpur Grey Sandstone is a light silver/grey colour. With a slight sparkle, this walling stone will give an attractive and vibrant finish to any project. The blend of colours and tones makes this stone ideal for house facades and boundary walls. Building stone is traditionally larger sections of stone making this type of stone ideal for larger building projects. Walling stone is traditionally smaller sections of stone making this type of stone ideal for small garden walls and features. Lalitpur Gray Sandstone can also be obtained as Sawn Sandstone, it is one of our distinct ranges of external paving, and can make a real statement with its soft & subtle colour. It is smoothly sawn on all six sides to give a totally crisp and clean feel whilst still being firm and holding grip underfoot.
Silver Grey slate Silver Gray Slate also called as Platinum is one of dense quartzite slates. It's extremely hard and very much suited for outdoor use. It has a very distinctive silver/grey color with very little variation; very occasionally, you can see little veins or clouds of gold/rust on its surface. It has a rather rocky texture that can take the abuse dealt to it by metal snow shovels while still feeling easy on the feet. Silver Gray slate works well with most other colors as it illuminates and reflects the energy of the colors of the surroundings.
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Colombo Juperana, Colombo Juperana Granite, Colombo Juperana Granite Slab, Colombo Juprana countertop, Colombo Juprana Granite tile, Technical Specification Colombo Juprana Granite Colombo Juparana Colombo Juperana Granite has Bluish Gray wavy pattern flowing out of Ivorish brown base. It is available in both as finished and rough form. This tile is used very much nowadays. This tile is has many properties which make it different from other varieties. It is much harder than any other stone and it has low weathering rate so it can be used easily in external applications.
Katni Beige Marble Katni Beige Marble is a fine grained marble having dark green veining and a light Greenish beige background color and accents of white which is due to the presence of calcite. The marble accepts excellent polish The elegant look of the Katni Beige marble stone and the tenacity it provides makes it often favored marble for use as Tiles, Slabs, Countertops and Floors. Katni Beige Marble Tiles/ slabs are simply full of character and style which explains the reason they are so popular for use in hallways, kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and conservatories, not to mention a range of uses in commercial buildings.
Copper Red Slate Copper Red Slate or Copper Slate as it is popularly called has metallic qualities that are exhibited by the family of slates from this area thus imparting warm reddish copper colors. Its color is predominately red but can also veer towards metallic greens, grays and oranges. Copper Red slate in natural finish depicts quite rough surface texture at times as is common with the family of slates. The amazing hues within Copper Red Slate create a mesmerizing pattern perfect for contemporary interiors. Copper Red slate is suitable for application in interiors only.
gray granite cobbles Cobbles stones / setts can be used to create exciting landscape designs, be they traditional conservation or more contemporary projects. In addition to the durability of Granite, the most appealing factor of this range is the wide choice of colours, sizes and finishes available. Granite cobbles are available in a Cropped finish for trafficked areas or Flamed and Fine Picked finishes for mixed usage areas where a pedestrian friendly surface is required.